Graduation Day is Fast Approaching!

The spotlight is on you, and we are ready to capture every proud smile and joyous cheer! Stay in the loop for the big reveal of your graduation photos with ease!

Use the search function below to find your school, and sign up to receive notifications when your graduation photos are ready.

By following the link and pre-registering before the big graduation day, you can receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $35.00 or more when you pre-purchase your credits on Photoday Galleries.

Once the photos have been posted, upload a selfie to the link (Photoday Galleries) and we will find all your images and create a gallery for you. Follow the on-screen instructions, browse, shop, and enjoy!

If your school, says PixiSet next to the school name a pre-purchase credit is not availble. Photos will be ready 2-3 after graduation to view, download, and order!