Taking your Digital ID Card photo is simple as taking a selfie!

Some schools are using your old photo, or a recent yearbook photo; if so, it will not prompt you to take a photo.

STEP 1 – Click on the link, review what to do/not to do, scroll and click on START.

STEP 2 – Take your SELFIE! Click on LOOKS GOOD when done!

STEP 3 – Enter your Email and phone number, then click Submit!

STEP 4 – Create a password that you can remember to log in!

STEP 5- Use the link we sent you (or the link the school did) to access your ID!

How to access my Digital ID card after I take my photo?

STEP 1 – Use the link sent or click on your school above, then type your ID#.

STEP 2 – Enter the password you created when you took your photo.

STEP 3 – Click on School ID to access your digital ID card immediately!

STEP 4 – Use this digital ID card to gain access to school events or when required!

PRO TIP- Save the page and add it to your home screen for easy access!

Digital IDs- Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to take a Digital ID Card?
Due to the ongoing pandemic and the limited access to your school campus, we have developed a solution that will allow students to recieve a digital ID card while they are virtual. Depending on the school, we may be printing the physical ID card that will be distrubuted as soon as students can go back to campus. Your selfie is also uploaded to your school’s student information system, which helps identify the student when needed.
What happens when I don't finish the process?
Once you take your selfie, you must press “Looks Good” on the top right corner of the screen. It will prompt you to update your current mobile and email address. If you’re a parent, you can send the link directly to your student by tapping on “Send ID to Student Now”. Once you click on continue, it will prompt you to create a password. The password is needed to access your digital ID card in the future. Please be sure to use a password that will be easy to remember. Use the original link (or the link the school has provided you) to login to reaccess your Digital ID card!
How do I retrieve my Digital ID card once I complete the process?
Use the link that we sent you via text message, email, or with the link the school has provided or put on their website. Since this is a digital ID, this will be the most up to date! TIP: Bookmark it or save it to your Home Screen for easy access!
Why do I have to create a password?
The password allows you to access your ID card from anywhere. Plus, you don’t want others to gain access to your card, right?
What happens when I lose my link to access my digital ID?
Each of the schools participating in the digital ID card process will provide a link for you to access your Digital ID. This is done through their student information system, or directly on their website.
My camera isn't working, or it's erroring out for some reason?

Try a different device by forwarding your personal link to your parents, sibling, or trusted friend. Just remember, all photos are reviewed by your school’s administration team, and can result in disciplinary action if you take an inappropriate photo, or a photo that is not you.

I just got another reminder to take my photo, and I've taken it already.. What's going on?
Typically when you receive another reminder, that either means your original photo was rejected, or that you haven’t completed the process. Please review the steps and go through the process again.
Will this photo be used for the yearbook?

Currently, this photo is being used for only your digital ID, as well as the schools student information system to identify you. We are working with schools to determine photo days once students return to campus. Students who are participating in virtual year-round will also have an opportunity to take their photo at their original school site*. Please refer to the school once the ability to return to campus is granted.

Why is my Student ID Number not working?

We rely on the school sites to provide us the data necessary to render your Digital ID Card. If you are a new student, or have re-enrolled since we last updated our info, then you might not be in the system. We are doing weekly updates, and schools will soon have the opportunity to add you immediately after registering a student. Please check back with the site next week.

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