What’s the required photo for the yearbook?

Each school site is different- when you book your appointment, next to your school name will dictate whether your mandatory photo is the Suit/Drape, Cap/Gown, or your own clothing. We provide the clothing for Suit/Drape & Cap/Gown. We sanitize our outfits using steam, UV lighting, and daily rotations to ensure we keep both our staff and your students safe!

Suit & Tie

Bring a white undershirt!


Wear a spaghetti strap or tube top!

Cap & Gown

Own Clothing

A nice dress or button-up looks great!

Our Senior Session Prices

The session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer, retouching of the images needed for the yearbook, and the submission to the yearbook company on your behalf. 

Book your Appointment and Select your Studio

Lake Elsinore Studio

32275 Mission Trail Rd. Suite M-1

The Lake Elsinore Studio services the following schools: Lakeside, Temescal Canyon, Elsinore, Paloma Valley, Heritage, Perris, California Military Institute, and Murrieta Valley

Moreno Valley Studio

22420 Cactus Ave. Suite 203

The Moreno Valley Studio services the following schools: Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde, Orange Vista, Notre Dame, Ramona, Riverside Poly, Val Verde HS/Academy, JW North High, March Mountain, Educational Options Center (Raincross HS, Summit View) and Martin Luther King Jr. (Riverside)

Corona/Norco Studio

268 N Lincoln Ave., Unit #4

We are proud to be the OFFICIAL YEARBOOK Photographers for the following schools: Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Centennial, Patriot, Jurupa Valley, Rubidoux, Educational Options Center ( Raincross HS, Summit View) and Arlington

Palm Desert Studio

75153 Merle Dr. Suite H

We are proud to the the OFFICIAL SENIOR & YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS for the following schools: Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Shadow Hills, La Quinta, Summit High School, and Amistad Continuation!

San Diego- El Cajon Studio

1089 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021

We are ecstatic to announce our newest studio in San Diego! Welcome to our El Cajon Studio! We can’t wait to be your official yearbook photographer for the following schools: Granite Hills, Valhalla, Grossmont High, Santana, IDEA Center, Grossmont College Middle High, Mt. Miguel High, El Capitan, Monte Vista, Elite Academy, Merit Academy, Reach Academy, El Cajon Valley, and Chaparrral High.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also call us at 951-304-4133 during normal business hours and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!

When should I book my appointment?
We highly recommend you complete your senior portraits the summer going into your senior year. We understand how busy your last year of high school can be, therefore; we recommend you take them sooner than later. Should you wish to make any changes, or completely retake your pictures, call to book an appointment or schedule one online. 
When do I pay for my session?
You pay your sitting fees in advance when you make your appointment, whether it be online, phone call or in-person. We require each session to be paid in full prior to arriving at your appointment. Our outdoor session fees are also to be paid in full. If an emergency comes up, we can definitely make arrangements to reschedule your outdoor session. Please call the studio ASAP to let us know if you cannot make your session.
What's included with my session?
The session fee covers your one-on-one time with the photographer, retouching of the images for the yearbook, and the submission of photo to the yearbook compan. No photos are included in the session fees. You may purchase images from the studio in a variety of ways. Our front desk would be more than happy to show you the ways in which you can select and purchase your photos.
What if I need to Cancel/Rebook my appointment?
We know life happens and things come up that might interfere with your appointment, not a problem. All we ask is that you give us a courtesy call and let us know. If you fail to notify our studio, you will lose your sitting fee, and a second payment will be required at the time of your rebooking. We understand that not all situations are the same, but please be mindful. We are a smaller business and we staff according to booked appointments.
What happens if I'm running late?
If you are running more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, our studios have the right to cancel your appointment. We do not double book appointments, so each session is scheduled specifically for you. We  advise all our appointments to arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment to check-in and prepare for their session.

While we understand circumstances may cause you to be late, pushing back a start tine for an appointment would result in a dominoe effect for all other appointments. We will make every effort to accomodate you, but we also ask that you call the studio if you are running late.

What session should I select?
Our sessions range from a traditional 20 minute photoshoot that captures your best yearbook smile and two clothing changes to an hour long outdoor session that allows you to have up to four clothing changes and take up to 120 pictures.

* All sessions include free retouching and submission to the school yearbook. We will also PROVIDE ALL MANDATORY attire required by each high school. This includes,  Cap/Gown, Tuxedo and white undershirt, and Black Drape.

You can see examples of these photos under the example link on the Book an Appointment Page.

We have a session perfect for everyone, make sure you read what they all entail and select that one that works best for you.

May I include a pet in my photo shoot?
Absolutely! Depending on your school, some allow pets to accompany the student in the yearbook. Please check with our staff to see what your school’s yearbook guideline are. Either way, we are happy to photograph you with your best friend!
What kind of retouching do you do?
All images submitted to the yearbook will be retouched. Retouching includes the following basic services:

  • Teeth and Eye whitening
  • Basic skin blemish removal
  • Cropping/Sharpening
  • Color adjustments
  • Softening of pores of skin

Retouching is also included with any picture order. We do charge for the following retouching items:

  • Braces removal ($20 per image)
  • Evening of the skin due to sunburns ($10 per image)
  • Extensive glass glare ($20 per image)
  • Any request not handled by our in-house retouching staff (price varies)
What's the deadline to be in the yearbook?
Each high school will set a deadline date that we have to abide by. The deadline will typically be sent out via flyers when the time is approaching. To know the exact date, check in with your school’s yearbook department.

The dates are planned in conjunction with your schools yearbook class and printer. We are simply the company selected to provide the photography services for your student. The final deadline date is non-negotiable and out of our control. We will still be happy to photograph you for your private photos at any time.

What Measures are being taken related to COVID-19?
In time of uncertainty, Our main priority is to keep our guests and staff safe and healthy. We have not only remodeled the our studios to ensure that social distancing and spacing is permitted, but have incorporated new sanitizing protocols regulated by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.
We require all guests and staff to wear masks at all time, (student are exempt during their session)

We impliment touchless check-in by allowing our guests to scan in using a QR code. We practice touchless posing and steam all our caps, gowns, suits, undershirts and drapes.

**For more information on the new protocols that we strictly enforce, refer back to our “Updates” page.